Rachel Klein Wardrobe Design


Style expert. Psychotherapist. Healer.  Teaching the art of uncovering, honoring and dressing your body and soul.



I teach you how to shop from a place of self love.  We spend time in your closet, in stores and in conversations, creating outfits that express your essence, while subtly and profoundly changing the way you think, act and behave while you shop! 



"As a working mother of two, I do not have the energy to shop and put outfits together.  That often leaves me at loose ends when I am invited out to dinner, an event or really out anywhere.  I usually spend an hour trying on many different combinations and end up feeling not very “put together” and generally stressed out.  One fateful afternoon I attended a clothing sale for a charity hosted by a local friend.  I ran into Rachel who was volunteering her time to be a stylist for the occasion.  Within five minutes, Rachel handed me several items to try on.  I would not have picked these items on my own.  All I can say is “wow”!  Rachel had a way of intuitively weaving together my personality, what I would be comfortable/uncomfortable wearing and what would be flattering for me.  I ended up buying several items that Rachel suggested and wore an outfit that she created the next evening to a friends’ party.  The compliments did not stop coming!  I felt so confident and good and there was no stress before leaving for the night.  All I can say is “thank you Rachel!”  I will be coming back for more styling and HIGHLY recommend her to anyone looking for an incredibly talented stylist!" - Alison Taylor, Psy.D., Licensed Psychologist
"Rachel is like no other stylist I’ve ever worked with.  Her fashion sense is grounded and on target, but the way she uses her intuition on top of that…it’s like she is dressing your soul!  I literally feel like my inner light is shining brighter when I wear clothes and wardrobe concepts that she’s styled for me.  I feel like my best most authentic self just walked out of Vogue!" - Maggie Hollenback,  Actress/Singer/Musician & Holistic Life Coach
"There is something so beautiful and effortless about working with Rachel.  She just “gets it”.  She is so good at connecting all of the moving parts around shopping and what clothing and accessories mean to women.  She has a way of making these experiences feel sacred.  It’s very powerful." - Angie Wiseman, Mother/Wife/Writer